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There is a lot of online information on health, fitness and beauty, but still people are finding it difficult to stay fit and healthy.

This is because of information overload and improper information. Many of the foods that are considered to be healthy, actually turn out to be harmful.


Our focus is therefore to do proper due diligence and provide you accurate and latest information on health, fitness and beauty.

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There are a lot of reasons as to why health and fitness is important. The human body is actually supposed to be agile and mobile. Leading an inactive and sedentary lifestyle is harmful for your health.

Being immobile and stationary can cause serious health ailments and can even lead to death.

Today we live in a technologically enabled world that is conducive for sedentary lifestyle. People are in a position to do things comfortably by making use of technology. You can do things by just sitting in a chair or standing. The net result is that health and fitness takes a back seat resulting in diseases and ailment.

To visit a friend who lives just four houses away, we don’t walk but rather go by our car. To visit a family member living a few miles away we take a car or taxi and not walk a few miles.

To switch on or off your television or to change a channel you make use  remote control instead of physically flipping a switch.

All the gadgets, apps and other devices do bring convenience but they bring along disadvantages also to your health, fitness and beauty.

Since your body does not move the way it is supposed to, you experience pain in the joints and muscle.

Immobility results in poor blood circulation and as a result all the cells in your body do not get the nutrients and oxygen they require for proper functioning.

Health and fitness is not only important for your physical body but it also impacts your mental and emotional well being. When you are in good health then your looks also improve. You will feel more energetic and see things positively.

Maintaining good health and fitness does require some amount of discipline and dedication.

However when you understand the downside of ignoring health and fitness, you will surely want to spend time, energy and effort for staying healthy.

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Technology also brings in a lot of advantages for staying healthy and fit. There is easy availability of information, testing, monitoring and improving your health with gadgets, apps and other devices.

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